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Kamil Vacek

Founder and CEO

Kamil, who has been working in the mobile industry for more than two decades, possesses extensive knowledge of both the telecommunications business and global mobile phone trends.

In 1996, he established a mobile phone store, which quickly transitioned into an importer of Sagem Mobile. This served as a launching pad for the company to become one of the largest mobile phone distribution firms in the Czech Republic. Eventually, in 2001, the company was sold to Avenir Telecom, based in France.

Over the next five years, Kamil collaborated closely with Samsung Mobile, successfully introducing and establishing the brand in the Czech and Slovakian markets.

With significant global and local expertise, Kamil founded TCCM in 2007. Today, the company operates in 15 countries across Central and Eastern Europe, playing a pivotal role in launching renowned names in the mobile industry, including HTC, Beats by Dre, MEIZU, HONOR, CAT Phones, Nokia, and most recently, Nothing.

Kamil's entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in TCCM, enabling the company to be highly adaptable, efficient, and receptive to potential partnership opportunities. In addition to supporting new and innovative brands, Kamil has also evolved his efforts to annually encourage young minds through - “The Best Startup Entrepreneurs: Idea of the Year”


In 2021, Kamil played a significant role in the establishment of the Mobile Phone Museum, which underscored his lasting impact on the industry.

Darina Hrdinová

Business unit leader

Martina Hloušková

Business unit leader

Igor Detoni

Country manager Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia

Eva Arpasi

Country manager Hungary

Dominika Horczewska

Country manager Poland

Nicolae Voinae

Country manager Romania, Moldova

Rudite Endlere

Country manager Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Lora Handjieva

Country manager Bulgaria, Serbia

Petr Lukáš

Finance & Legal Director

Miloslav Čulík

Head of Logistics and Aftersales

Vít Štumper

Head of Channel marketing

Lenka Fialová

Head of Customer sales activation

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