The One Solution for CEE

Experience our ultimate telecom solution for Central and Eastern Europe. With an in-depth regional understanding, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to drive connectivity and efficiency. Choose us to elevate your telecom experience in CEE.
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The one solution for CEE

20 countries

We operate in 20 countries and aggregate them for our partners under one business unit.

140 million

Reaching out to 140 million potential end customers.
Local presence in 10 countries.

Where can you find us?

North Macedonia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Business development in the Telco industry across all CEE countries.
Direct business with more than 200 partners from Telco, retail and e-commerce.
Flexibility and understanding of needs that each vendor requires and expects.

The expertise you are looking for.

Business Development

Profound expertise in the local Telco channel frameworks, market dynamics, consumer behavior, and potential prospects across Central & Eastern Europe.

Channel Marketing

Maximizing device sales and marketing ROI with full-service product and brand marketing and PR. Applying a unique understanding of particular sales channels, expertise in point of sales promotion and retail management.

Financial Services

We support customers with credit limits and financial terms to finance their working capital. We provide suppliers with the financial capacity needed. From the production to the delivery of goods to customers. We work with the strongest financial institutions in the region.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our central warehouse in Prague offers distribution services to all Central and Eastern European countries. With many customization stations, we efficiently ship over 10,000 items daily to meet our customers' needs.

Reverse Logistic and Aftersales Management

Collaborating with manufacturers, we provide complete After-Sales management solutions. Our services include maintaining DOA/DAP records, offering contracted and locally authorized services, and managing spare parts distribution.

Product Customization

We provide various product adjustments to meet customer specifications. From changing packaging, inserting documents, and manual translations to recording special applications. Additionally, we offer software version modifications to accommodate specific requirements.

What have we experienced?

Get to know your team.

Dedicated team specialized in business development, sales, channel marketing, logistics and after-sales.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, fluent in multiple languages, and deeply attuned to local intricacies and nuances.

We operate from Prague, with offices located in the city center, complemented by a warehouse facility also situated in Prague. Additionally, we have strategically positioned hubs in several other countries to optimize our presence and service delivery across various regions. 

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